Junk Removal Pricing

For Junk Removal Pricing Contact Us For a Fast And Free Estimate. (Same Day Removal Available.) When You Reach Out We’re Going To Ask For A Detailed Description Of Your Removal Needs. Also In Many Cases Well Need Pictures Texted To Us So That We Can Provide An Quick And Accurate Estimate.

Low Cost Junk Removal Pricing For Pick Up And Disposal Of Household Items Such As Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses, Garbage, Trash and More!

Junk Removal Pricing

What The Competition Does

We have researched the market and have came to the conclusion that we have the most user friendly pricing system around. Our competitors operate in a way that we find to be sneaky and insulting to the customer. When you call them you wait on hold to speak to an operator before getting the rundown. When you ask for a price they ask you to make an appointment for them to come out. They then give you a 2 hour arrival time, providing a 15 minute heads up before arrival. When they show up on site they evaluate your job and give you a high price bis for the removal of your items. Many customers decide just to pay and get it over with after locking themselves into a 2 hour window and waiting only to get overcharged for services.

How We Operate

We happily answer all calls well extending courtesy and respect to all customers. We quickly evaluate the job and if we have any questions we ask you to text or email some images right over for a quick evaluation of the job. Within literaly a couple minutes and in some cases seconds we respond with a low cost estimate. We then establish a same day or within the next 24 hours pickup time and lock you in for the removal!


Text Us Images Of Everything That You Need Removed Along With Your Location To Receive A Price Quote Within Mins!